"If you hate your job, find a new one
If you hate your relationship, find a new one
If your life is too stressful, find out why and fix it
Don’t medicate yourself to the point of becoming complacent with your unhappiness.

If you’re unhappy - find out why, and fix it. It may take some work to get your life in order, but anything worth doing takes some effort. Don’t take the easy way out."

What a year it's been. I've had realizations of self and of others. I've had revelations of my future, and life in general. I'm on my way to 29. No time like the present to start my life. It's time I start living for me. I can't keep trying to break in everyone else, especially if they aren't ready. I don't want to be ok with my unhappy anymore. No one should be. There are people in much worse off situations than me and they are able to see silver linings somewhere. No more feeling sorry for myself. Not when I can change the situation. I know why I'm unhappy, I've deduced the three primary reasons. And I'm putting things in motion so that I can have a fresh start in the new year. I started off 2013 in a good place because I made the decision to leave a job that abused me, that led me to hate going in to work. I aim to start 2014 in a similar place; it's what I need.

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