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Dance Flick

the star is definitely a wayans....wouldnt hav thought he was Damon Jr though.

Thomas - there aint no I in team.
A-Con - there aint? what about group?
Thomas - not in group either.
A-Con - crew?
Thomas - uh-uh.
A-Con - gang?
Thomas - no.
A-Con - I-nsemble?
Thomas - you just mispronounced that word to make it sound like it had an I in it.

Death Note: L

For those that follow along with the manga, or more likely even the show - they've made a third movie. Which i'm sure i'm late with uncovering, cuz thats how I roll. Lateness is my anti-drug.


Thought Provoking

Mi madre and I went to Atlantic City today. It was a great experience. After seeing the standard water show, I convinced ma to meander into a psychic booth for a palm reading. The psychic's comments -

"You smile on the outside, but in your heart is sadness"
"you're meant to help people, you'll find success in it"
"you're good at what u do now, but its not what you want. you're meant for more"
"there's someone close to you that cares a great deal for you. he'll reveal himself soon"
"you will have two children"
"i see children in your near future, so i'd protect myself if you dont want any right now"
"you'll live to be 90"
"you dont keep many people close to you, but there are two that are genuine"
"you love to travel and want to go more places"

The other psychic told my mom that there's a woman that wants to be with her. I always suspected this one lady...
The other psychic also told my mother she'd be travelling soon. possibly to Florida. we're going to Florida in august. She made ma a believer. ^_^

I'm so intrigued. I'd love to see if these other things actually play out to be true.


A Letter

Dear Erica,

We were talking with your mom today. She showed us a picture of Jada. She's getting so big. Every time I see her she just looks more like you. It's amazing - almost like you havent left. You wouldnt believe how fast she's growing. It really made me think about you. I cant believe it's really been a year and a half already. That was the worst birthday. Finding out that you wouldnt be able to celebrate with me. To know that you werent coming out of it, that the plug was being pulled, and Mike was letting you go. It still breaks my heart into pieces everytime I think of that day. He was just so anguished, the pain was all over his face. Those few minutes as he bent over you are etched in my mind forever. Often when I think back on you now, my mind automatically reverts back to that day when no one in the family could do anything to bring him out of the dark that engulfed him. You'd be so proud of him now though. He's carried on very well and and made sure that Jada remembers her mommy and the love you have for her. We all still miss you terribly, that will never go away. But to watch Mike and Jada, I know that your memory - and your spirit - will never die.

With Love,




Is it wrong for me to harbor a bit of jealousy over my roommate's engagement?

Or toward my cousin's/friend's pregnancies?

Because I do. And I'm sad about it. :-\



Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net


Party Buses

they make for good times

and baby-making magic

and King Goose

and Kanye n00b glasses

it was so hood


I cried

if you were hiding under a rug last night about 8pm...or watching lil kim dance as the case may be...

You know, every season there's one episode. last year, it was when they eliminated cutthroat bitch; even took it as far as sort of making it her fault (the meds she was taking at the time). No one truly saw that coming, no matter how much you did or didnt like her. But this year, i was truly hurt. I tuned in to house, first time since it moved to mondays, because the preview called it *that* episode of the season. looking back on it, i should have noticed that he was the only person missing from the preview while everyone else is crying. I mean, meatloaf and his heart are just filler for the real story of the episode. Kutner wasnt supposed to die. Kutner was that guy. He was just too lovable. But i guess its always the ones you least expect. No one pegged him for suicidal, especially given how lovable he was. All the funny and quirky. God it hurt to watch. And what really cemented it all - the whole 'we didnt see it coming' - was near the end. House was in his apartment, looking at photos. Photos with his parents, photos with friends, and then the last one; how i wish i could find it - a picture of him alone, a picture that seem to capture the monumental degree of sadness he must have been fighting with. It hurt. to watch.

Making me feel no better - although i'm happy for Kal - is the reason behind Kutner's dramatic departure:

"The truth is much, much nicer. According to an interview with EW's Michael Ausiello, Kal Penn has left House (and Hollywood) to work in the Obama White House. He tells Ausiello that during his time volunteering for the Obama campaign, he got to know the President pretty well and "expressed interest" in working for the administration. Now, Kal Penn will be the associate director in the White House office of public liaison. Not sure what that entails, but it sounds pretty fancy. Basically, he'll go from working with Hugh Laurie to working with President Obama, which makes him the luckiest guy on the planet."



....so what if - only a couple days after I go Harry Potter wild - i explode over "New Moon" posters? It's New Moon! it's not Harry, but it's still looking good. I can acknowledge goodness when i see it. only another 7 months to gooo. Arent you thrilled fellow Twilighters?.

....Harry/Hermione over Edward/Bella =0p