I haven't slept since sunday night. that's a new record for me. At least I can say i'm no worse for wear since no one has commented on me looking bad. The worst i've gotten is that i 'seem a bit sluggish at work'. yea i bet. I also haven't eaten since tuesday. i feel less bad about that than the lack of sleep. i'm not sure i feel bad about it at all. is that a bad thing? let's see if we can keep it goin til sunday.



if not for the lack of internet access i would probably update this thing more. at the same time it's probably a good thing i don't because things could get depressing. it's better not to share and easier to work it out on a solitary level. on to better things.

i have an exorbitant amount of things to sell. Video games from this gen & last gen, as well as systems (GC, PS2, Wii). i'm also selling DVDs, CDs, Pc games. Even some fitteds if anyone really wants them. it's very painfully clear that bills r a fact of life & must b dealt w/accordingly using every possible option. if any1 is willing 2 pay me to do sumthing i'm up for it, really & truly.

my father is being laid off. my mother needs help walking after coming home from her p/t job & i'm trying to balance the p/t i hav w/the freelance i try to squeeze in every other weekend. my brother is slipping in2 our father's patterns as his family grows inexplicably larger. it came to light recently that ppl in our family actually hold extreme malice towards others because yea 'i'm lighter than u, i'm darker than u. i'm not as good as u, look at ur handouts.' what do u do when a parent actually tells u they like ur siblings better just because of their skin?

...at least i have my health right?

Real Talk

Anorexia can do horrible things to a person, physically and psychologically. But watching tv & reading papers, I can see why people have the disorder. and I can empathize.



honestly. the most shocking. distressing. saddening news i could've gotten so early in the morning, was that of Bernie Mac.

Everyone who's spent any time getting into comedy, or that's watched fox in the last 10 years, knows who that man is. But this morning, news spread that he had passed away. And not from anything particularly terminal, but from pneumonia. He was only 50 years old.