Boyfriend #2

Pleasure P - "Boyfriend #2" (Official Music Video)

....I like him. and his sound. More on Pleasure P here and his home page

as an aside, i agree with the song itself too. the concept goes both ways

August 9, 2009


1) people that know me have a hard time believing that my mom is anything but black. but strangers stop her on the street and tell her she's anywhere from half asian to half panamanian.

2) i almost didnt make it past the age of 3, and then again past the age of 13.

3) i got really sick for a 3rd time around my 23rd birthday

4) I still have a big fear of the dark. I just dont. like it.

5) I have an intense love of what I consider altrock - chemical romance, the used, papa roach, LP, AAR, hoobastank, 3DG and the lot!

6) As an extension, I really think i would curl up into fetal if I was told I had to live without music

7) I'm the most peaceful during thunderstorms

8) I love Britney and her Circus...stop hating =0p

9) My closest sibling really is 2 decades older than me. literally.

10) I love Degrassi, and miss Radio Free Roscoe. If you dont have the N...oh well

11) I am a gamer. I'm aiming for the label "hardcore".

12) I. love. football. And I am not to be bothered the sundays and mondays between September and the first week of February

13) I'm a theatre buff....Wicked and Avenue Q are two of my favourite shows.

14) I feel everyone in the 5 boroughs should tune into CBS2 monday nights at 10, and get to know Horatio, Eric, and Calleigh

15) I'm a poetry buff...I love to write it and read it

16) It's true, I have a thing for light-skin. lol

17) I dont like to party, but I love to get out and socialize

18) I prefer sleepovers with guys as opposed to girls. Not for the "obvious" reason, but because there's more fun, less complaining. And because I can work on that "hardcore" gaming.

19) I was supposed to have a brother two years older than me. His name would have been Walter

20) I'm named after Jackie Smith from Charlie's Angels, and Felicia from General Hospital

21) I met my oldest friend in 1991. I now dispatch her dad at my job =0)

22) I actually found my polar opposite and my identical twin all in the same person. irony?

23) I'm not excited for marriage, but I look forward to having my first kid

24) I'm from Rego Park Queens...not East NY Brooklyn

25) The Yankees are far from being my favourite baseball team. 96% of my fitteds all sport their emblem.


Weekend of Firsts

I'm going to my first ball tonight. Jim Carrey said it best - "Every pretty girl deserves to go to a ball". I will be sporting my favorite little black dress. It feels good to get out to more 'adult'-type events.

Tomorrow I have a date. It'll be my first time trying Thai food. I've been meaning to get to a Thai restaurant for years. ....how depressing if I discover an allergy. lol

Going Postal

"Once, the postal service took 10 days to deliver a paycheck of mine from California instead of the typical two or three. It rattled me so much that for a full year, I had the magazine send me my checks via Fed-Ex.

And a couple years ago some guy came over to my house when I was mowing the lawn. He told me, "I have this check here, that I've had at my house for a few weeks. Sorry I didn't bring it over here. It looks kind of important."

(I'm still fantasizing about duct-taping that moron to a ceiling fan, and turning the switch on full speed)."

....I was crying from laughing so hard at that one. That's what I call going postal. Read the author's blog here - Geoff Williams


Morbidly Cute

I will love anyone who purchases any. all. every one of these little pets. Hot Topic guys

St. Valentine

I dont truly have anything against February 14th. But I havent been a fan of it since high school. Valentine's day back then meant something much more. Much bigger. Now, it's just another day.

....I kind of wish it was still something more. Is that so wrong?


Is wayne brady gonna have to choke a bitch?


Winter Wonderland

The snow makes work bittersweet.

Drivers can pick passengers up dumb late and not be penalized.

But dumb passengers decide to still go to the beauty salon instead of cancelling despite the 3 inches of white falling to meet the 3 inches already accumulated.

It should be a generally easy day.

Give it on Up

to homelessville....


Looking Back

I was taught that you should never look back. It's...not so much the wrong thing, as it is just not much of a proactive thing. Going back and comparing the past - shoulda woulda coulda didnts, and the opposites. I've learned from past experiences with myself, that when I should be sleeping - and i'm not - I end up writing in my blog. Why? because I spend that loss-of-sleep, doing some deep thinking. Dont get it twisted, I am in no way dwelling, just reminiscing.

Last year, 2008, was definitely one of the
roughest years I've encountered so far. I had so much to undertake that I personally wasnt ready for and didnt really want to go through. But I toughed it out and I'm definitely better as a result. I took on three different jobs in three very different fields. I finished school on the side, took time out to undergo a semi-invasive surgery that typically isnt a concern until a female is in her early 30s, give or take. I even swapped one of my jobs for an even better one much closer to home that allows me more mobility and more opportunity at work. Bonus - i'm happy doing what I do now. Amongst all of that, I found the time to reconnect with some people I'd thought I lost - people that matter a great deal to me.

In reminiscing, I realized that last year - despite such big time dilemmas - was just like any other. 2008 was a cluster of learning experiences, and I'm all the better for having made it through. I got through some of the lowest points in my
almost 24 years and I think I can take on just about anything else life decides to toss my way. Dont shun the past. Do you really believe that you'd be who/where you are now if it wasnt for the choice you did or didnt make back in 1999? 2002? 2006? last year? Sure, you could spend the time thinking about where you could be. But it's way smarter to plan from now, to get somewhere in the future =0)

Zombie Dance!

Idle Hands

I realized today that I havent updated my blog in awhile. What I mean by update isnt the typical random news story or quip, but an actual update on me. And I found myself with a decent amount of downtime today. You know what they say about idle hands? I'm putting mine to work.

I took my first day off from work last week. It wasnt a real day off, as it was a required absence to take care of some carpal tunnel "mishappenings" in my wrists (my right wrist is still bandaged/wrapped at the moment). I'm still fairly new at my job so I was scared shitless to take a day off. With work the way it is lately - and given what happened at my last place of employment - I was pretty sure upon attempting a return to work, I would have nowhere to return to. Almost confirming my beliefs, I returned to work friday, arm all covered up, to find a n00b in my chair. In. my. chair. Not even at a different desk. My superior, Gabe, informs me (to my short-lived relief) that i'm training this n00b, he's going to be a new dispatcher. Huzzah -_-

Four hours in, rough 8am, I get called upstairs to see the big boss. The owner. The man that signs my paychecks. I died tried to maintain as i trudged upstairs. Now you have to understand John (Jesus of Empire), is a small man. maybe an inch taller than me - 29 years old - and the owner. of a 150k company. Yea, intimidating. Waiting to hear him say 'we found someone else to do your shift, your dismissed', he looks up at me and says "Everyone has nothing but good things to say about you, I've approved you for a raise, going back to the start of the week". Picking my jaw up, I thank him, sign with my left hand, and head back downstairs to do more training.

I officially make $13/hr, with 5 O/T hrs built into my schedule, at $19/hr. I love having a job that isnt shady, and appreciates the work its employees do.

....it doesnt hurt that alot of my drivers are just plain sexy, thereby exceptionally easy to work with. I. love it.

Sidenote - they had a nice meeting today, and thanks to my man on the inside, i've discovered that they all agree that I definitely know what I'm doing and want me to dispatch them. Lucky for me someone thinks its criminal to have a single person dispatch 36 some-odd drivers all over the five four most important boros that make up NYC.

I'm really amazed at just how much I love this job.



I'm thinking I may have to recycle this outfit for Halloween 09. I enjoy the way it fits. And it somehow looks better with Jet Black as opposed to Platinum Blonde.

random - why is "jet" the darkest and "platinum" the lightest? Who made this law?


Happy Birthday Melo ;-)


Tweet Tweet

Following in NewJack fashion, i've officially been "twitterized". Feel free to throw yourself into my daily/hourly/millisecond-y life at JaxDiva's Twitter page.

...it's already an addiction


The Streets

no other part of the movie matters. everything else came from Step Up 1 =0p


Food for Thought: The Sequel

"Heartbreak feels like getting hit in the face by a Mack truck. But a certain amount of struggle in life is healthy" - Adam Levine

...I think it builds character. After all, you wouldnt be who you are if it wasnt for the obstacles and events that you've encountered throughout the years.


Inauguration Day

Ladies and Gentlemen - The new President and First Family, of these United States.



A) ...Arizona Cardinals are NFC champs. take that take that Eagle fans.

B) WHY is it still snowing? I have work in 8 hours! i dont need my drivers slipping and sliding their asses everywhere. ....they're too pretty for that =0D

Johnny Wright

this is the face of the man, behind the ever exposed First Lady Elect's hair. Everyone has seen her hair over the years...very enviable and doable. I'd rock some of her looks daily.

"I am extremely honored and grateful for what the universe has brought to my life. My hands have brought me this far, and I am literally able to touch history." - JW

Amen dude.


yea, the Patriots are out

sure, the Titans are too

granted, the Ravens dont have an easy road ahead

but i couldnt be more excited about what those AZ Cardinals are pulling off right now.

particularly after all those articles and statements, pretty much saying that Philly had it all wrapped up =0)

That'll teach you to jump the gun instead of watching the game!


On my Radar

Friday March 13th, I am in the



he's a pretty 45 year old...


With no regard to lateness

I have not a care for how long this video has been out, and how many knooooow.

I couldnt BE more thrilled that she released it (as well as Diva). And i'm more than satisfied with Michael Ealy playing opposite her.

Standin' in the light of your halo, oooh. I've got my angel now...



Solidifying the opinions of my buddy Johnny, I don't believe in 'chasing' as he calls it. For me, it's just repetitive asking. You only have two chances to do the dandruff dance - that's flaking. I'd rather a straightforward no, than a handful of random interchangeable excuses. To avoid the headache and annoyance that ensues after a dandruff moment, I've made an informed decision. It's the 2-strike rule. You have two times to flake. After that, I just don't ask anymore. Period. Makes sense right? Sucks to be you



Love is an adventure. It's not a decision you make for others. It's a decision you make from the heart.



Happy 2009...

i'm ready for a great year