For years the soul has scarred itself raw
For internal wisdom and a mind in a war
Persoanl triumph to personal loss
The selling of morals for the price of their cost

These arts of mine wrecked from personal flames
There's nothing to lose, though nothing to gain
For these stories of mine fall on deaf ears
Personal trauma, hopes and the fears

A baring of soul is not needed these days
For there's more to this world than personal pain
So burn it away and cast it aside
For we all live short on limited time

Cleanse yourself clean before a mental decease
The weight of our baggage makes us crawl on our knees
So leave this behind for it burdens the soul
Nothing is necessary, thats all one need know

Feel the removal of desire and shame
It's the key to rebirth in a world slightly sane
We are what we are and our being must breathe
So i leave this behind and start something clean



It’s my birthday. It doesn’t feel like it though. It’s just another day for me. Another year older, another year closer. To quote someone, I feel like a hamster on a wheel. All this running, getting nowhere. What I wouldn’t give for a reboot button.