So I made a decision. It was a pretty ballsy decision. Even for me, especially given my history of letting others run things. Made mommy smile. And then she offered me a gem from daddy. He's evidently said, on a number of occasions, that I remind him of my Aunt Cheryl. I can't not be happy about that. To think that I've somehow embodied the personality and spirit that she carried with her.  The one person I wanted to be growing up was Aunt Cheryl. When she went back to California, I asked my parents if I could go with her. How different my life would have been if I had. How different hers would have been. Maybe she'd still be around. If only.

...She had too much spirit to go as early as she did



this week started off kind of rough. true to form, ever since 2008, my week has been plagued with bad news or unfortunate events and...and I just suck it up. slap my smile on and 'celebrate'. because that's what people like to see.
this week I was dealt a pretty mighty blow. took all of the wind out of my sails...pretty much deflated my soul. But then they stepped in. I mean i had no plans for my birthday. I was all set to wake up, work, go home, and curl up in my bed as custom. But, they stepped in. Now here I am, recovering from a week of new experiences, fresh acquaintances, old friends, and just so much fun. I got to wear a dress. i never get to dress up. and on the rare occasion, it isn't normally with friends. I wore a dress, and I felt so beautiful. I actually, genuinely felt beautiful. If not for the fact that I was with friends I might have actually shed tears over it.
Despite how this week started, they helped me end it on the highest of notes. Bad news or no, I've had the best birthday in a long time...and I'm so grateful