1) Luke - for helping me out of a pretty dark place
2) living alone - I wanted to live with someone. I understand the many benefits of living with someone. but to be on my own, it's been nice
3) Doctor Who - and David Tennant...great damn show. more sci-fi wonder
4) Supernatural - I think because it makes people look the other way at religion. so much myopia
5) cigarettes - in times of extreme duress, they've saved me
6) ice - what has actually become (as a side effect of pica) a healthier? replacement for cigarettes
7) Benadryl - for those sleepless nights
8) my primary birthmark - it makes me unique, and for some reason makes my patients happy when they 'play' with it
9) number block - they don't have to know you've blocked them and you never have to be bothered by their calls or rude texts
10) wellstar wellness - it's never been so easy for me to find good for me foods....and then gym it out afterwards
11) wellstar family - they welcomed me with open arms. I feel like I've been with them forever
12) chicken soup for the teenage soul - made my pre-teen & HS years slightly less awkward
13) the driver on 75 - hit those breaks, saved us BOTH a date with the sheriff
14) this and my curvy LJ - they've allowed me to see the endless loop I've been running all these years
15) false/short-term friends - they remind me to appreciate the ones who stand by relentlessly
16) pomegranate cranberry scented scrubs - i smell good, i feel good
17) Neil Gaiman - this dude...just writes for me
18) Amazon - just about everything I have ever needed, has come to my house in an Amazon 2-day shipping box
19) Alecia Moore - she's the Neil Gaiman of music for me....
20) Carrot/Carrot2 - the best damn apps I've downloaded. ever. period.

...almost halfway there

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