Six Flags

been there? done that?



his progression kind of reminds me of Mario...except Mario was years older when he broke out.




The reason for my recent blog absence, is a very serious one. Early this week, the Empire family lost one of our own. A driver, a very immensely genuinely just....good person, died. He was 38. He wasnt feeling well, went home to bed, and never woke up.

Anyone that knows me is fully aware that I dont take death well. I dont take death well with extended people, because I hate seeing people in pain. Even dicks dont deserve to lose someone they love. I take death even worse when its someone i know personally. I was able to handle the death of my 27 year old cousin perfectly fine. I was even able to look her two-year old clone of a daughter right in the eye without shedding a tear. But when I saw her husband walk up to the casket and just lose himself entirely, i couldnt help but feel for him.


M.E. weddings

in the middle east, they give 5 almonds as wedding wishes - they represent health, happiness, wealth, fertility, and longevity.


Good Old Times

I came through for my good buddy Manny today. He's been sort of down recently. Hella sick. Trying to die. Something i dont appreciate it. lol. I made time in my retardo schedule to see him to show I caaaaare. Good times. Goooood times.

I got to see two people I havent seen or really spoken to in like generations. O em Gee, Raatiq & J-Dub.

The best part of the day was our random burst into song via disney. We acappella'd "Be Prepared". From the lion king, act like u know.

So many more quotes now. Soooo many things we discussed.



On the way home from the casino today, i was actually thinking back on yesterday. I had an incident at work involving a driver getting to a passenger, ms rhonna. She was willing to wait for my driver, despite is obviously inability to navigate local brooklyn. I spent upwards of half an hr on the phone with her, talking about what she used to do back in the day, how long she's lived in brooklyn, and the fight she's had with access a ride this weekend alone. Ms Rhonna was just such a genuinely nice lady. funny too.


Jax Diva Modeling

do I have what it takes?

Drizzy Drake Drop

um...song is still hot fire. Video shoulda been done by Scorsese....who maaaade this? mad about it. Tits everywhere.