Exercise allergies?

- by Martha Edwards

Ever had someone tell you they were allergic to exercise? I bet you rolled your eyes and thought, 'yeah, right!.' But it just so happens that some people do have an allergy to exercise--it's extremely rare but it does happen.

According to FitSugar, It's called exercise-induced anaphylaxis, and it's symptoms include feeling itchy and hot within the first few minutes of exercise, followed by more pronounced symptoms like hives, fainting, vomiting, difficulty breathing and swollen lips, throat and eyes. But before you go self-diagnosing yourself, remember this: There's only been 1,000 documented cases in nearly 40 years, so it's pretty rare. -

I am beyond thrilled I dont have that particular allergy....i'll take pollen any day.



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3 things

1) anyone that knows me knows that i don't cope well with death. particularly when it's someone i know at least fairly well.

2) it's very difficult to conceal the fact that you like a patient. especially when you see them on a pretty regularly basis. even moreso when the patient has found it in themselves to share the interest they have in you.

3) just because parents aren't divorced, doesn't mean they're still a happy family. or still in love. or that they even like each other for that matter. maybe they aren't divorced because of another reason entirely.