i consider myself to be a pretty trustworthy person. not trustworthy in the sense of i will keep all your secrets (albeit i'm fabulous at that too, given i forget things). i mean in the sense that I won't take your stuff. i'm not one for pilfering. I would trust me to be alone with other people's belongings. Everyone's not like me though, both in terms of trusting and being trustworthy. Often with good reason. But the problem i have is with biased distrust. Why is it believed that only young people, roughly 11 (yes, 11) to 27 are eligible to be trusted...to commit theft.

i don't care what anyone says. just because the younger variety is more likely to run off with a pair of clothes or sneakers does not exonerate older people. you. steal. too. I don't recall coming across a law that says only theft of phones/clothes/sneakers counts. guess what? if u decide to take something that isn't yours, without permission, you're a thief. Doesn't matter if it's expensive or not, whether u rationalize it 2 b a petty thing, if it's a box of cereal or a nickel belt buckle. you're stealing. Just because u don't think it's a big deal doesn't mean the person u took it from thinks so too. More likely, they disagree entirely.

stop acting like we're the only ones doing wrong...tools

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