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Dollars and Common Sense

Life becomes increasingly intense this month, driving you to develop your talents. Ardent Mars enters unyielding Scorpio and your Second House of Resources on October 4, prodding you to look into financial matters. Reducing expenses to help pay off interest-heavy debts, for example, may require self-restraint now, but it will pay dividends later. The creative Sun's entry into Scorpio on October 22 will shed more light on money issues. The Full Moon in autonomous Aries on October 14 opposes the Sun in accommodating Libra to put the issue of independence versus partnership on the table. Voluminous Jupiter square the Full Moon may push this polarity to extremes, leading to a showdown in which the choice appears to be giving in or going it alone. The real lesson is that successful partnerships require both a respect for the individual and a willingness to compromise from time to time.

that was just about the time i found out i was fired and had to rein in my money. Although my senses have gotten better so, I kind of knew to be a little less free with it before the phone call. Respect definitely went out the window with it as well...

Oct 4 - 6: Deal Maker
Mars enters emotionally intense Scorpio on October 4, moving you past politeness to get to the bottom line. Tense semisquares between Mars and realistic Saturn and Venus and penetrating Pluto on October 5 force you to define your needs and protect your interests. Getting down to brass tacks involves tough-minded negotiations that don't necessarily show your generous side. Fortunately, a hopeful Venus-Jupiter sextile the same day reveals additional options that allow you to take a stand without shutting the door on a possible win–win solution. Keep optimism in check, because squares from the Sun and Mercury to unrestrained Jupiter on October 6 can make you too unselfish and undermine your recent gains.

I did let 'politeness' go, because it suddenly became time for business. And sometimes you need to be real hardass with special people. Lines had to be drawn and I got myself in my right mind for sure. And I have no intent on being "unselfish" this time around. I'm very tired of being a pushover. Game over

Sometimes, horoscopes couldnt be more right. Case in point, my monthly forecast. Something I wish I had discovered...earlier in the month. But nonetheless impresses me greatly, considering how true to word this one turned out to be It must be based on fact somewhere, considering I didnt discover it until halfway through the month and it still came to be.

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