The Cycle

In what everyone I've told (short of two people) all agree was a very unprofessional move, I was fired from my job. While on sick leave. Over the phone. If the situation was a typical one, they either would have had to wait until I actually returned or settled the shit sooner, by laying me off before I left - by doing it in person. We all know they've been trying to do it for over a month now, and its very disturbing and unsettling. It actually makes me quite sick to think of it. I'm past annoyed. Not even because I cared about the job or the majority of ridiculous people I had to work with. It's not about the job. The job was a joke. What has me truly upset, is the fact that I didnt even get the opportunity to tell anyone goodbye. I, unlike the higher-ups, actually had a real relationship with the patients. I'm not a nurse or a PCT, but i spent all my time on the floor, just like them. They were my friends, they were like an extended family. I thought about getting to see them, joke with them, and have them brighten my day. I have a place in my heart for every one of them. Even the stubborn ones. It's such a raw deal. But in this day & age, its not really about the work is it? It's all about the business. That almighty fucking dollar. It's way past time I find myself somewhere else to be. I cant keep getting attached to something thats just going to dissipate and expire. It doesnt do me or them any good. Thats a cycle that I refuse to be a part of anymore. I missed them from the day I left, and I knew then, in my heart, that I never should have stepped foot out of that door.

...It was never about the money or the job for me. And you're an asshole for thinking it.

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