New Year - 2014

I started the new year off right.  Surrounded by friends. In good spirits. Leaving all of the drama and non-essential back in 2013. Having fun. I wiped the slate clean. I poured everything I am into my final post of 2013. And I volunteered that post to facebook, a place I just about completely abhor. But it reached a few people. Some comments came back on it. Some texts came back on it. It even sparked a phone call.

I was candid in my note. Very candid. And since the majority of my facebook "friends" don't really notice the things I post, I didn't give it a second thought. Who cares how candid I am? No one is really going to see it. No one even remotely close will catch it. But someone did.

Momo is one of the few people that ever calls me. And I love when he calls. It's been years and he still perks me up every time I hear his voice on the other end. We've always talked, about everything under the sun. We joke about the past, we contemplate the future. He usually lifts my mood if it's ever down. But this time. This brand new day in this brand new year, he was able to feed off of my energy. My positivity. My spirit. He apologized for it having been so long since the last time we spoke. He made some remarks about my note, how surprised he was at the openness. How shocked he was by what 2013 encompassed for me. But as always, I heard no judgment in his voice. Just a lot of support and appreciation. I feel worlds better about the strength of the relationship we have. I'm grateful he fought for it even when I gave up all those years ago. I have no doubt that it will do nothing but evolve as the years go on.

With all the spiritual and mental growth I've had in the last two months, I see things so much clearer now. Even the little things. It's the little things that spark the biggest outcomes. Great things have small beginnings.

Here's to the great start of a great year

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