Transit Working

Some of the perks to working for transit do make themselves known occasionally.

A few mins after one, a driver, Pedro, called to say he would not be making it back to ozone park for his pickup, because he couldnt get into the city.

"What's going on Pedro?"
"Oh, the Whitestone is falling"
"I'm sorry, did you just say the Whitestone Bridge. is falling?"
"yea, a cop just came by and said a few cars up, a piece fell"

....almost two hours later, after i've been home and we've already re-directed as much as possible, i'm just seeing articles pop up on the telly/World wide news.



But why is it you ask that Access a Ride carriers got word so fast? Because it was transit's. fault. Shame on u MTA.

...You will not jack up my metrocard fare to pay for this.

thank you George Atwell. I would like to know what phone u own. So that I may take pictures as clear as this. Feel free to share that bit of info. Much obliged.


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