1) people that know me have a hard time believing that my mom is anything but black. but strangers stop her on the street and tell her she's anywhere from half asian to half panamanian.

2) i almost didnt make it past the age of 3, and then again past the age of 13.

3) i got really sick for a 3rd time around my 23rd birthday

4) I still have a big fear of the dark. I just dont. like it.

5) I have an intense love of what I consider altrock - chemical romance, the used, papa roach, LP, AAR, hoobastank, 3DG and the lot!

6) As an extension, I really think i would curl up into fetal if I was told I had to live without music

7) I'm the most peaceful during thunderstorms

8) I love Britney and her Circus...stop hating =0p

9) My closest sibling really is 2 decades older than me. literally.

10) I love Degrassi, and miss Radio Free Roscoe. If you dont have the N...oh well

11) I am a gamer. I'm aiming for the label "hardcore".

12) I. love. football. And I am not to be bothered the sundays and mondays between September and the first week of February

13) I'm a theatre buff....Wicked and Avenue Q are two of my favourite shows.

14) I feel everyone in the 5 boroughs should tune into CBS2 monday nights at 10, and get to know Horatio, Eric, and Calleigh

15) I'm a poetry buff...I love to write it and read it

16) It's true, I have a thing for light-skin. lol

17) I dont like to party, but I love to get out and socialize

18) I prefer sleepovers with guys as opposed to girls. Not for the "obvious" reason, but because there's more fun, less complaining. And because I can work on that "hardcore" gaming.

19) I was supposed to have a brother two years older than me. His name would have been Walter

20) I'm named after Jackie Smith from Charlie's Angels, and Felicia from General Hospital

21) I met my oldest friend in 1991. I now dispatch her dad at my job =0)

22) I actually found my polar opposite and my identical twin all in the same person. irony?

23) I'm not excited for marriage, but I look forward to having my first kid

24) I'm from Rego Park Queens...not East NY Brooklyn

25) The Yankees are far from being my favourite baseball team. 96% of my fitteds all sport their emblem.

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