A Poem from the Heart

ok so its December and i still struggle to find a decent salary/

its as hard as an over wieght glutton tryna loose an extra calorie/

I cant even get the job that he got with his GED/

and Im a double major with a danm bachelors degree/

Applications after interview, oh thanks for comming in we'll call you/

please dont gas my head head up you dont know what the hell i've been threw/

so you tell me you'll call me by tomorrow no later than noon/

it's 11:45 a.m. danm i sure do hope they call soon/

and i refuse to take my aggression out on the recession,

oh th eeconomy's bad, yea i herd it all b4, but i'm special cant i atleast get my foot in the door

calamitous despairing, my confidence needs repairing, tryna make it in a world thats fluctuating and daring.

HI, how are you i was aquiring and wondering if you were still hiring/

they laugh in my face and say "please we about to make some cuts and begin fireing"

oh completly off topic whitney i mailed you your excel book i hope you get it by tomorrow/

I need to be better on returning things i borrow/

see i hate it when someone makes a promise and they dont do it/

reminds me of my ... hmm nah lets not even get into it.

i'm soooo in debt i need at least 2 more carrers/

i'll take a job anywhere, walmart, Mcdonalds, even Sears/

nah been there done that, i want something better/

I need that ...nah , i want that chedder.

And as far as girls go. hmm Tank said it best. M.O.E./

Dont know what that stands for. then just ask me/

even though i do miss her, yes i still kiss the picture/

Sometimes i wana leave ,she has her own quandary/

oh shit the jig is up, fuck oh well i'm sorry.

i shoulda been a doctor, people never stop dying/

or maybe a priest, cause God never stops crying.

a BA in and Music Industry and Mass Communications/

what to do so many complications/

double minor in Audio productions and sports management/

wow and i thought i had a better chance dont mind me i just needed to vent.

so when you ask me hows the after grad life i F#%N hate it

I'm the most succsessful failer, who just couldnt make it.

By Jules

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